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Good sun protection today means better health tomorrow

During the summer months MeteoSwiss publishes a daily forecast of the UV Index of the following day. The UV Index is used worldwide and indicates the daily maximum amount of UV radiation during the middle of the day

The ozone layer lies 20-30 km above the earth in the stratosphere and acts as a filter and protective shield from UV radiation. Over the last few years, the hole in the ozone layer has been discussed intensively around the world by scientists and various health bodies. In the southern hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand have been found to have an increased amount of UV radiation detected and for this reason, thorough protection against UV radiation has become a way of life in these countries. Although in the Northern Hemisphere the (see UV-Index) values are only slightly lower, routine measurement of UV levels are not yet as common here as they are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Together with Norway, Switzerland has the highest skin cancer incidence in Europe. It has been suggested that one of the reasons for this increased occurrence is that we are spending more time outdoors resulting in a prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Having a nice sun tan is still thought of as an expression of a good appearance. More and more frequently we are spending our winter holidays in countries in the southern hemisphere where (see UV-Index) UV radiation is particularly high. The times of the day which show an UV Index value above 3 require an appropriate sun protection (MEST: Middle European Summer Time). It is important to avoid, if possible, the high UV values around midday and to use the right protection. You will quickly get sunburnt after some minutes at a high or very high UV-radiation which shows us how important the correct sun protection is. CARUSO ® & FREELAND ® offers a complete range of products which provide appropriate protection for your head, your eyes and your skin.

Have fun with the right Sun Protection while playing sport outdoors, holidays, leisure or any other outdoor activities. Please see our range of products in our online shop and the range of UV protection products we offer.