NEW Technologie

CARUSO ® sunglasses are the New Generation for your eye protection.

Babys CR128 The company CARUSO® is manufacturing more than 60 moderne sunglasses for babies, children and adults which are for freetime, many sport- activities and work.We are integrating for a good quality CARUSO® sunglasses, estetic, perfect wrap arround with wide view angle, adjustable outfit, comfort, modern design and individual profitableness. Additionally we have high-technology filters with 400nm, 450nm, 460nm there we have an excellent colour recognition; with 480nm blue light filters we offer you the best UV-protection and we are activating your own protection. In our Sport-Line filters we are reducing the covering of the sunglasses with damp. All these features are put together and are manufactured throughout technology P511 CR747 and know-how: You will find these important features of CARUSO® sunglasses in our shop. Every single sunglass has its own description including its features.