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CARUSO ® sunglasses with higher protection for pilots.

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The New Generation of Sun Protection Products.
Why sun protection with high technology functionality?

The UV rays reach very high rates during the summer time in Switzerland.

MeteoSwiss MeteoSwiss Health Care organisation of Switzerland of important UV information, which is known under UV-Index. The forecast and daily value you will find under UV-IndexWorld Wide.

The UV protection is very important for babies and children, but also for adults, who do sports, work or spend their free time in the outdoors. They should take care against the UV rays. Important to know is that during the summer time the natural protection time will be exceeded in a few minutes.

CARUSO ® & FREELAND ® is a Swiss company which is researching, developing and producing high technology products since 1997. The sun protection products are for eye, skin and head protection. We are offering a total solution. For the eye protection we have developed special shapes with integrated wrap around for babies, children and adults. All CARUSO ® sunglasses have an excellent wrap around as a standard, and many have integrated, UVC, UVB, UVA and a blue light filter.

Die FREELAND ® UV textiles are offering higher sun protection compared to usual textiles. For the head protection we have developed very light UV caps with ear and neck protection. The flaps of the UV cap can be rolled out, depending on the sun strength.

CARUSO ® & FREELAND ® are offering babies, workers, people in their free time or for extreme sports activities an improved UV protection for a better quality of life in the future.