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X-SA New world record attempt in South Africa

The following paragliders are attempting to break the paragliding world record Alfredo Studer: furthest flight: 314 km, highest altitude: 5200m, longest flight: 10h 15min Herr André Bussmann: furthest flight: 255 km, highest altitude: 4600m, longest flight: : 9h 30min Herr Urs Nadler: furthest flight: 168 km, highest altitude: 4900m, longest flight: 8h 45min


Three Swiss paragliders will be attempting to break the world record for the longest flight by parachute. The record attempt, Project X-SA, will take place between Cape Town and Johannesburg from the 24.11.2007. The present record lies at 423 kilometre and must be exceeded by at least one kilometre to count as a new record. The hot, dry and strong winds of South Africa make this one of the best areas in the world to attempt this record. However the increased UV and infrared and blue light exposure means that they will have to take extra precautions to protect their eyes and retina. They will be wearing CARUSO & FREELAND's ultra-light pilot glasses for this purpose. The glasses protect against UVC, UVB, UVA, blue light and infrared and additionally have a high tech anti-fogging system, increased contrast and wide-angle view.
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In addition to a new world record every kilometre that is covered means that money will be going to 'Kinder in Not' a charity that helps children who do not have ready access to clean water.
In order to make the project exciting for those interested in free flight their homepage will have daily flying reports, pictures and small videos of the successes and failures of the day. Additionally A cameraman will accompany them and will record the most exciting and most beautiful moments for a television documentation.