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A brief Dermatologists´ report on sun protection.

The correct protection means:
correct head, eye, skin and body protection

As dermatologists, it is very important for us that people, and particularly children, use the right UV protection. Sunlight in the right amount is beneficial and very important to life. Non-melanoma skin cancers and malignant melanomas occur each year.


The incidence of skin cancers has drastically increased since the early 1970s, for example, at an average rate of 4 % per year in the United States (American Cancer Society, Facts and Figures 2000). Popular outdoor activities and changed sunbathing habits seem to be the major cause for the rise in skin cancer rates. Prolonged ozone depletion will aggravate this trend. (WHO/EHG/95.16).

There are various reasons for this. Certainly, the modern lifestyle and changes in the environment have an important influence. We are changing our world and the environment we create is changing us. Advertising mostly includes the message that a good tan indicates health and wealth. 100 years ago the opposite was the case.

These figures only represent the top of the iceberg, however. Last year, around 5000 people visited the Swiss Cancer Association’s mobile examination room. Over 3000 questionnaires were completed to determine the visitors´ skin types and the roving dermatologists found over 1000 cases that required further investigation. Over the course of six days, a total of eleven new cases of melanoma (dangerous skin cancer) were discovered. (Swiss skin cancer info 10. June 1999) 33% of the visitors had to be referred to dermatologists for further tests.

You can find more information about skin cancer under skin cancer sun smart in Australia.


WHO and Professor R G Panizzon, Head of the Dermatology Department in Lausanne in Switzerland and past president of the Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venerology, provide three basic guidelines, in the following priority:

  1. Avoid the sun between 11.00 and 15.00
  2. Protect yourself with proper FREELAND UV clothing, UV swimwear, UV headgear and sunglasses.
  3. Cover any exposed parts of your body with an adequate amount of sun.

screen of at least SPF 15:
Don´t forget: prevention is always the best method for staying healthy. Follow the correct procedures to protect your own health and that of your children.

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